New Microsoft Surface tablet


On Monday Microsoft launched its very own tablet. This will place the software giant, Microsoft, in direct competition with Apple once again. Numerous competitiors like RIM (Blackberry) received a resounding underwhelming response in the tablet market (and thats puting in nicely). 

Undoubtedly Apple is the major player in the tablet market. In 2011 Apple sold over 40 million iPads, out of worldwide tablet sales of 60 million, with Android tablets slowly gaining popularity. 

However, the Microsoft Surface tablet seems pretty sleek and playful at the same time. The 9.3mm thick device has a magnesium case, features a 10.6-inch HD widescreen display, an integrated kickstand and weighs less than a kilo. The device comes with a detachable keyboard and trackpad that attach magnetically to the tablet.



One thought on “New Microsoft Surface tablet

  1. I think that the Surface Tablet copied a LOT from Apple’s iPad, but they brought out some nice innovations to the Talbet industry themselves.
    I have a best of Video of the surface Tablet Launch event at
    I’d would love to get your comment there

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