10 rules for success from fashion industry insiders via Complex Magazine

1) “Take a bullet. Be ready to die for it. Give it your all.” – Jeff Staple (Staple Design/Reed Space )

2) “Know that you don’t know everything and be willing to learn what you don’t know.” – Rob Babigian (WHARF)

3) “Being ‘inspired by’ is different from ‘stealing from’.” – Frank the Butcher (Butcher’s Block/BoyIston Trading Co.)

4) “Know Your Customer.” – Eunic Lee (Unis)

5) “Stay true.” – Shimon & Ariel Ovadia (Ovadia & Sons)

6) “DO YOU!” – Chris Gibbs (Union L.A)

7) “If you’re afraid of failure, don’t even bother.” – Acapulco Gold 

8) “Transparency is key.” – Andrew Chen (3sixteen/Self Edge NY)

9) “Enjoy it.” – Mark McNairy (Mark McNair New Amsterdam/Woolrich Wooden Mills)

10) “Be passionate about meeting a need.” – Matt Baldwin (Baldwin Denim)

Check out the full article here


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